The Pizza


The Pizza Kitchen

You may know this situation:


You ordered your takeaway pizza meal and wait in line to pick it up…2 minutes, 5 minutes, even 10…  The time feels endless while you stand in a small and often uninviting space in front of a counter.


Pizza Kitchen opens this space up and offers a humorous and unique way to entertain the waiting customer: While waiting for his takeaway, the customer can now see the crazy Italian pizza maker in action. Over 30 entertaining minutes filled with real cooking, funny elements and a loving look at the „all Italian kitchen“ cliches. Even for return customers, this digital environment offers fun, distraction, and still gives the customer a connection to the craftwork done in the kitchen, without having to truly open up the (often not so presentable) fabrication.


Give the customer a message and a smile!


A cosy small Italian kitchen, with a view of the Amalfi coast- what more can you ask for to make your pizza taste absolutely original?


This 6K wide view into the kitchen that can be installed with either 3 x 42 inch screens (as 3 windows) or 2 x 55 ich screens, or even as one full 65 inch large frame image in full 4k resolution.


The waiting customer can see „live cooking“ of pizza and pasta, along with some tongue-in-cheek humor and banter between the impatient waiter and the mischievous Italian pizza-chef.


Just like the virtual bakery, this production shows a romantic version of a pizza kitchen- not a 100% copy of a real kitchen, but the kind of kitchen the customer would love to see- unique,

charming, and with just the right amount of sympathetic Italian chaos…