Grand Casino St. Gallen

The Swiss Casino St. Gallen needed a relaunch. One of the main Aspects was to insert more "attraction" feeling, and open up the very closed, windowless space. Using the "Seewindow" principle, the room was given a completely new atmosphere. Instead of looking at blank walls, the Casino´s visitors now look out over Las Vegas, either from the viewpoint of a 120 m high penthouse, or directly as if they were standing in the streets of the old town. Or they look into the deep sea- without ever getting wet feet.

The total length of wall covered with screens is approximately 40 meters. Normally, when doing a film projection that large, the visitor has a quite big  and controlled viewing distance. In the case of a digital environment, people walk freely and can come very close to the windows / screens. So the resolution had to be extremely high.

In this case, Seewindow´s German production house Entertainment-arts-serrvices actually created a 48000 pixel wide resolution- which is  more than 20 times the size of a modern 4K cinema production.

As all screens are synchronized and objects move from one window to the next, the 3D world actually needed to be created in full size and resolution- resulting in more than 60 Terabytes of data to be created during the process.


Matthias Clostermann and his team created in total 5 „big“ themes that each cover more than one hour of playtime per day (Penthouse view day, penthouse view night, streetview day, streetview night, maritime world), along with several special event clips such as new years eve, game animations, happy birthday jingles and jackpot animations on all windows.


All screens can be used 100 % synchronized for the digital environment or separately for information & advertisement purposes if required.

The installation is completely integrated into the Swiss Casino groups network. It can access realtime data on jackpot hits all across the Swiss casino group and display them live inside the Casino