Wherever we go, flashy brand representations woo for our attention. Do they spark our interest? In fact, they are mostly perceived as disturbing white noise and automatically faded out. Instead of making us feel at ease, we feel stressed and overwhelmed.


Consumer behavior increasingly develops from efficiency to experience.  If you want to captivate your customers, this is what you need to create. Digital environment transports the art of storytelling to your POS, waiting area or living space. It evades being faded out, because it entertains.


What exactly is Seewindow Digital Environment?

Digital environment opens up confined spaces to create a completely new atmosphere. Key to the concept is not costly technology, but compelling content. We work according to the conviction that even the latest technology cannot make uninspired content any more interesting. Seewindow, in contrast, tells stories, provides surprising insights, creates an emotional response and thus persuades to dwell just a little longer.


Intelligently integrated in a business space, Seewindow directly affects brand perception and sales. In living spaces like hotels and private homes, it is a unique way of enriching the room without having to continually invest time and money in maintenance.


Besides meticulously worked animations, our installations follow five simple rules for maximum effect:


  1. Regardless of the format, size and technology employed, the installation is embedded in a logical way. The technology is disguised as a natural element of the room, such as a door or window. It is therefore not perceived as a medium, but as part of the room.

  2. Like the natural view out of a window, the content is seamless. No cuts, zooming, camera swipes or other filmic devices are used. Its constancy of perspective and time passage makes for the perfect illusion of reality.

  3. It tells little stories. Imagine yourself sitting in a street café watching passers-by. As you sip your coffee, little stories unfold all around you. They hold your attention for just a few moments, but stay on your mind. Our creative team likewise arranges short episodes. They raise a smile and inspire leaving the onlooker positively inclined towards his surroundings.

  4. Our animations enhance reality by adding surprising aspects. Be it the serene beauty of underwater life or a little humor. These little twists make it a memorable experience that makes you want to return.

  5. Digital environment is true to perspective and proportion. Thrilling vistas that collide with our natural perception subconsciously make us feel uneasy. This is not the effect we want to achieve at our POS, medical office or service area. An illusion that harmoniously fits in with reality, in contrast, makes us feel comfortable and likely to dwell a little longer.