De Koninck Gallery

The De Koninck Brewery is a  visitor experience in Antwerpen, fully designed and created by Matthias Clostermann, the creative force behind Seewindow.

I was built out of the old, mostly unused buildings of the historic brewery from 2013 to 2015.

It consist of a full brewery tour, bars, restaurants and artisan food makers to form a complete environment for food lovers.

The visitor tour is loaded with special effects and bespoke film content, both classic film content and Seewindow-style illusions.

It takes the visitors not only through the process of beer brewing and the history of the brand, but also through the story of Antwerpen, as the brand and the city are inseparably connected.


The De Koninck Gallery marked the start of the Seewindow idea for projects like Museums and other public venues.