Don’t advertise. Emotionalize.

Adapting to customer habits is key to success for sales. Customer psychology is therefore an important aspect of point of sale (POS) design. The more time customers spend in your business the more likely they are to buy your products as studies have shown. At the same time, you need to involve your customers emotionally and create a positive brand perception to increase sales.

Expand your POS by means of storytelling and unobtrusive customer entertainment.

Instead of overloading your customers with loud and flashy advertising, Seewindow subtly sets the scene for a purchase. The animations are entertaining and inspiring. Seewindow thus fosters an emotional interaction with your products and communicates brand values.

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Create something unique

Whether you want to create awareness for the passion behind your product or immerse your customers in your brand universe, Seewindow will help you achieve your goal. It can be implemented wherever you interact with customers or partners, for example:


  • For image or product staging in retailing
  • Craft themed for the food and manufacturing industry
  • As atmospheric animations for gastronomy, casinos, waiting areas and other