We enhance reality

Our interdisciplinary team located in Spain and Germany combine their expertise in storytelling, 3-D animation, film production and animatronics for the seamless embedding of digital experience into actual environments. International retail, entertainment, industry and private customers rely on us to transform their business or living areas into unique experiences. Seewindow environments enchant, inform or calm down in an unobtrusive way.


We take great pride in our talented concepters, who regularly stretch the boarders of imagination. They mold the behavior of our characters and invent the little episodes that make their universes so compelling before our animation and environmental artists make the characters come to life. Besides our core team of authors and 3-D artists, we work with professionals with many years of experience in their respective fields to realize even the most complex combinations of film, showcasing and digital arts.


Ingenuity and obsession with detail are key to all our projects. Each theme undergoes an elaborate process of drafting, modelling and animating followed by several rounds of re-drafting and re-animating until we are completely satisfied with the result. Once the digital product is ready, our fitters and technicians embed it into its surrounding. For installation, we rely on a network of trusted partners who comply with our high quality standards.


Curious about how we work? Check out our behind-the-scenes gallery below.

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The Mind Behind Seewindow

At a very young age, Matthias Clostermann already proved to be ahead of times. This will to innovate and pioneer permeates his work to date. From early childhood, the autodidact immerged himself in digital technologies and soon gained a reputation as prodigy. Aged 14, he began his career as lead special effects artist for television. Not wanting to limit himself to one field, he started exploring other industries. In the following years, he created rides, animatronic robots and multi-media attractions for theme parks and museums around the globe.


The interdisciplinary R&D efforts of the past 25 years of are now combined in Seewindow. It is the idea of using digital media to modulate the atmosphere of real spaces that is at the core of the company’s projects. The fusion of film, animations and robotics into themes of stunning realism along with their smooth integration into reality are the result of his lifelong involvement with different technologies and modes of representation. His thirst for innovation is not yet quenched. He continues to look forward to new challenges – and we to what he will make of them.